Cocktail Dresses

Some Popular Choices For Short Cocktail Dresses

DressesMost people stick with dresses that are no more than three or four inches above their knee. If you have slender legs, short above the knee dresses are a popular choice. Women with larger legs often go for an at-the-knee length rather than going for shorter styles. Either way, short is popular for a night out at a party.

The most chosen materials for cocktail dresses are silk, satin, taffeta, and chiffon. All of these fabrics feel nice against the skin and give you a comfortable feeling. If you do not plan to spend the money that some of these materials require, choose polyester or rayon. Both materials are great at imitating silk. Sleeker fabrics lead to a sexier look, while chiffon and taffeta can be flirty and fun.

The most popular of short length cocktail dresses have very little sleeves, if any. Strapless and spaghetti straps are the most commonly seen dress styles. Some of the most drama creating dresses are over one shoulder. Women who are larger at the top should choose dresses with upper support. Shawls are also common accessories used for coverage and warmth on cool nights.

short Cocktail DressesWhen considering the image that women want to portray, sexy is often the most chosen when it comes to selecting a short cocktail dresses. These dresses are frequently sleek and tighter fitting. Many have a slit on the side. Rich cut fabrics are popular. While ruffled or layered short cocktail dresses are acceptable, they often give lead to a younger and more youth style.

Black cocktail dresses in any style are also a favorite at parties. No matter which fabric you choose, black can be appropriate. It is often thought to be a very formal color yet at the same time also serves as being neutral for those that do not want to venture too far into the color wheel.

Next in popularity color choices are red and white. While cocktail dresses come in a variety of colors, these choices are considered to be the most commonly sought when it comes to a short dress.

Most dresses for cocktail parties are fairly simple. They are not covered in elaborate appliqu├ęs or sequins. Shiny fabric accessories or sashes are the popular for adding pizazz to a cocktail dresses (B G).