《Lucky Days》2010 Taiwan idol drama Episode 1~ online watch

English Title/英文:《Lucky Days》

Chinese Title/中文:《第二回合我愛你》、最初定名為「Ctrl Z的後悔」、「幸運日」、「幸運日's」、「離婚進行曲」

Cast/演員: 宥 勝、 陳怡蓉

Genre/類型: Romance Drama

Oversea Broadcast Period/播出時期: 2010年1月8日



The only reason money-grabbing magazine editor Chen Miao Ru and unambitious salary man Ren Xiao Guo got married after 3 years of dating was because of money. Miao Ru got caught in a money bind flipping houses. Pooling their resources was the only way to prevent a financial meltdown of her own. But married life was nothing like their peaceful dating life. Soon, they were on the verge of divorce. Yet, Ren didn’t want to a divorce. He wished they could press Ctrl + Z to return to earlier part of their lives and make better choices.


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