Black Wedding Dresses

What We Know About Black Wedding Dresses

black-wedding-dressesMore and more brides are choosing dresses that are outside of the "norm." Black wedding dresses are growing in popularity as more women choose to wear them on their special day. Now, many people scoff at the idea of black wedding dresses. They think this is only something that Gothic people do. While the Goth movement may have started this trend, women from many places and lifestyles are beginning to wear these dresses.

There are many reasons why women might choose to wear a black dress on their wedding day. One reason may be the season. If the wedding is being held near or on a holiday like Halloween, the bride might find it fun and fitting to have a black dress. Most of the time though, if a bride chooses a wedding dress that is black, it is because she feels the fabric flatters her. Something else that might be fueling this new trend is that the "required" color white is being pushed to the wayside. Brides no longer feel that they have to wear white to prove they are pure and will make faithful wives. Weddings are now much more about the style and making the bride feel beautiful, so different colors are being added to the "accepted" list for wedding dresses.

A final reason that black wedding dresses are becoming more popular is that the bride may want to wear the dress again. Most women have little further use for their white wedding gown, other than to perhaps give it to their daughters. By getting a black dress they look great on their wedding day, and then can have the dress altered to wear again in the future. This way they are paying for a dress that they can wear more than once. Many different styles have been applied to these dresses. Basically any popular style of wedding gown can be found in black. Of course, if you are looking for something particularly Victorian or Gothic, you can find these as well.

The only trouble is that if you are interested in black wedding dresses, you may not be able to find them in just any dress shop. They are still a relatively new idea, and very few brides are wearing them. If you look at specialty bride stores you should find some options available, but many of these dresses are still custom made. Having your dress made specifically for you can be a very good thing because it will fit perfectly, and will match your occasion as well. If you want Renaissance or very modern wedding, you can have your dress designed to match it.

If you are really at a loss, you may also want to look into black formal dresses. After all, what are wedding dresses other than white formal gowns? With a few changes and some accessorizing, you can make an evening gown into a unique and fantastic wedding dress (B G).