sk Wonder Girls 在Youtube留言給粉絲; postpone release of their first US album 延期

Wonder Girls leave a message for fans on Youtube
by GhostWriter on March 30, 2010

The Wonder Girls were recently back in Korea to shoot their title track music video for their upcoming U.S album.

To keep their fans updated, the girls uploaded a video message on their official Youtube channel on the 29th, thanking their fans for their support. This video also saw the first appearance of new member, Hye Lim together with the Wonder Girls on their Youtube.

And most importantly, Yenny said that they read every comments on their videos so hopefully you got the message.

And last but not least, the most important message came from leader Sunye, “…we will be come back soon with our really new songs…“, and you can see from their reactions how much excited they are to be singing new stuff!

They also released a video with the same message for Korean fans