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Wonder Girls open Justin Bieber’s concert in LA
by lawlietta

As we earlier reported, the Wonder Girls got themselves a gig with virally popular singer Justin Bieber with plans to open Bieber’s February 14 show in Los Angeles with –what else?– a performance of Nobody.

Aside from POPCON on February 20 with Sean Kingston, Selena Gomez and many others, this is believed to be member Sunmi’s last performance with the Wonder Girls, at least for the foreseeable future.

Watch the Hollywood Palladium performance here:

Just like the old days at the Jonas Brothers tour, JYPE distributed promotional flyers for the Wonder Girls to concert attendees. The Wonder Girls definitely brightened up the concert with their infectious track and bright personalities; it’s good to see their positive attitude despite Sunmi’s upcoming departure. Good luck to these girls!

1. Baby (Featuring Ludacris)
2. Somebody To Love
3. Stuck In The Moment
4. U Smile
5. Runaway Love
6. Never Let You Go
7. Overboard (Featuring Jessica Jarrell)
8. Eenie Meenie (Featuring Sean Kingston)
9. Up
10.That Should Be Me

If you were alive in 09' then we all know there was one 16 year-old we couldn't escape, Justin Bieber. He had four Top 40 charting songs and two Top 20 hits, while the first half of his debut "My World" has gone on to be certified platinum. Continuing his success with new single "Baby" has already peaked to #5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The second half to his debut brings you much of what you got the first time around. It's filled with catchy radio ready pop tracks and melody's. It's no wonder you somewhat end up liking the songs. The kid is working with some of the best producers and writers in the business. With that said I can't deny that I thought it was a good listen. He's doing his job for the age group he targets. Be sure to check it out and BUY YOUR COPY MARCH 23RD!!

★15歲就出道 (剛滿16歲)
★亞瑟小子和賈斯汀(Justin Timberlake)為了簽他展開搶人大戰,最後被亞瑟小子簽入旗下
★2010年版本的慈善單曲"We Are The World", Justin Bieber獲得演唱開頭前兩句的殊榮 (原版是萊諾李奇演唱)
★猜猜看在台灣紅翻的Wonder Girls,即將在美國幫哪位歌手當演唱會開場佳賓??沒錯,就是Justin Bieber

Label Island
Release Date Mar 23, 2010

Justin Bieber's My World 2.0 arrives just over four months after the Top Ten My World and is to be considered the second half of the Canadian pop star's first release, rather than a true follow-up. It does pick up where the brief My World left ... Full Descriptionoff, as it mixes peppy dance-pop with lovelorn ballads, mostly within a pop-R&B framework. The ten-song set is led by "Baby," featuring Ludacris.

Within two months of release, My World went platinum and two of its singles hit the Top 20, making Justin Bieber an almost inescapable teen pop phenomenon. This ten-song disc, which follows its seven-song predecessor by just over four months, is intended to be the second half of his debut rather than a true follow-up. It's a shrewd ploy that benefits his insatiable following -- much of which could be into something else by 2011-2012 -- and, in turn, his sales. The two releases are certainly of a piece, filled with upbeat R&B-flavored pop songs with a few ballads that might be termed adult contemporary if the singer happened to be of age. Bieber makes all the right, charming moves for a teen, and he covers all the bases. The dance-pop songs are light on the ears yet memorable; the unrequited material sounds deeply felt; the ballads have all the necessary us-against-the-world teen-love dramatics (though the references in "Stuck in the Moment," featuring Bonnie & Clyde and Sonny & Cher among other doomed couples, make zero sense on a song voiced by a peppy 16-year-old in 2010). As with My World, everything is age-appropriate. "She says she needs a little company," sung with the slightest wink in the eye, is as racy as it gets, and even then, Bieber projects an image that is utterly harmless. ~ Andy Kellman

Recording information: Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA; Casa Mafia, Los Angeles, CA; Conway Recording Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Doppler Studios, Atlanta, GA; Germano Studios, New York, NY; Icon Studios, Atlanta, GA; King of Kings Studio, Miami, FL; NH Studios, North Hollywood, CA; Platinum Sound Recording Studios, New York, NY; Short Bus Studios, North Hollywood, CA; The Ludaplex, Atlanta, GA; Triangle Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA.

Photographer: Pamela Littky.

Label Raymond Braun Music Group
Release Date Nov 17, 2009

Within a couple years, Canadian teenager Justin Bieber went from covering Usher on YouTube to working with Usher. An internet sensation from his renditions of several pop and pop-oriented R&B hits, he was still only 15 years old when he released ... Full Descriptionthis, his first album -- though it's more like an EP since it contains only seven songs that are 25 minutes in duration. Given the comfort level he showed in the material he covered, My World plays it straight, based on the kind of age-appropriate content that would fill out a release from a younger Chris Brown or a junior version of Ne-Yo. Members of the Clutch, Midi Mafia, "Tricky" Stewart, Usher, and a handful of other notable producers and songwriters grant Bieber a set of songs that isn't quite top-level quality, but the singer more than gets by on his squeaky-clean charm and natural ability. ~ Andy Kellman

Recording information: Icon Studios, Atlanta, GA; Serenity Sound Recording Studio, Cincinnati, OH; Side 3 Studios, Denver, CO; The Boom Boom Room, Burbank, CA; Triangle Sound Studios, Atlanta, GA.

Photographers: Pamela Littky; Chris Baldwin.

This is an Enhanced CD, which contains both regular audio tracks and multimedia computer files.Rolling Stone (p.90) - 3 stars out of 5 -- "[W]ho could deny 'First Dance,' where Usher drops Justin and the prom..."
Entertainment Weekly (p.87) - "[H]e riffs on the Cardigans' 'Lovefool' atop a killer electro-glam groove." -- Grade: B-

寶貝男孩 小賈斯汀
*一次收集二張專輯:2009迷你專輯『My World』+2010全新專輯『My World 2.0』所有精彩曲目*
*收錄嘻哈巨星Ludacris跨刀"Baby"、"One Less Lonely Girl"、"One Time"、"Favorite Girl"、"Love Me”等*

問題一: 誰讓樂壇天王亞瑟小子, 賈斯汀展開簽約爭奪戰?
問題二: 誰能還沒發片, 就擁有7首告示牌排行單曲?
問題三: 誰獲得美國總統歐巴馬邀請,到白宮聖誕晚會演唱?
答案: 以上皆是, Justin Bieber 小賈斯汀。

事實上,三年前、亞瑟小子跟賈斯汀也是友人的推薦下,紛紛在Youtube搜尋這個名字,看到12歲的小賈斯汀參加鎮上歌唱比賽演唱Alicia Keys,還有吉他自彈自唱Kanye West作品,以及打鼓、舞蹈樣樣精通的演出畫面。瀏覽之後,兩位樂壇天王簡直是樂壞了,分別邀約小賈斯汀加入旗下廠牌,結果亞瑟小子勝出,簽下了這位全美國人心中的寶貝男孩。 接下來,小賈斯汀可沒讓亞瑟小子失望。2009年以不到16歲的年紀,連續發表四首單曲,一口氣全部登上告示牌,成為流行音樂史上第一位歌手在首張專輯發行前就擁有4首TOP40單曲的世界紀錄;一次在紐約購物中心舉行的簽唱會,湧進三千多名樂迷瘋狂追逐,險些釀成暴動;聖誕節時,受邀為美國總統歐巴馬在白宮的演出,成為媒體焦點;接著,參加紐約跨年演唱會,受邀擔任葛萊美獎頒獎人,擔任國民小公主泰勒絲巡迴演唱會嘉賓,以及於海地賑災義唱單曲"We Are The World"中演唱。Justin Bieber所到之處,尖叫聲與掌聲此起彼落,美國傳媒更將他驚人魅力稱為「小賈斯汀狂熱/Bieber Mania」,以斗大標題描述這個現象:「男人讓開,我們要16歲的寶貝男孩!」
2010年春季,小賈斯汀Justin Bieber進軍國際,將2009年11月在美國發行的迷你專輯『My World』,與2010年3月底於全美上市的最新專輯『My World 2.0』合併發表為一張全新【My Worlds】超值專輯。專輯由Usher、L.A. Reid與製作過Rihanna的"Umbrella",Beyoncé的"Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)"等暢銷曲的葛萊美獎製作拍檔The Dream、Tricky Stewart掌舵製作大任。專輯中包括與嘻哈巨星Ludacris所合唱的流行單曲"Baby",發行首週搶攻全美熱門單曲榜第5名與英國金榜第3名,以及"One Less Lonely Girl"[#16]、"One Time"[#17]、"Favorite Girl"[#26]、"Love Me"[#37/*取樣The Cardigans冠軍曲"Lovefool"]等4首打進全美熱門單曲榜TOP40的暢銷曲,以及與Usher合唱的單曲"First Dance",融合了流行電子樂與節奏藍調元素的單曲"Never Let You Go"、流行舞曲"Somebody To Love"、與牙買加歌手Sean Kingston合作的動感雷鬼派對熱歌"Eenie Meenie"等多首佳作。