UMG Neuheiten 妮莉費塔朵 Nelly Furtado最新單曲Demo - Girlfriend In This City

Nelly Furtado Lifestyle
Nelly Furtado will release her 4th English studio album this summer.

‘Girlfriend In This City‘ is the first track (in demo form) to leak from Furtado’s highly anticipated album ‘Lifestyle‘. Nelly has previosly indicated that the sound of her new album would be an amalgamation of her previous three albums, but we weren’t expecting a strings-laden track. We’re loving the sound of this new track. Let’s hope it will be featured on the final album.

Lifestyle is expected to be released this summer.

Fresh from her Mi Plan tour, Nelly Furtado has been busy working on her upcoming album "Lifestyle" due out this summer! She has said that the new albums sound will be much more like her first two efforts. Here we have a newly leaked track titled "Girlfriend in this City" believed to be from the recording sessions of the new album. It's clear that the song is unfinished but it gives you a feel of the direction Furtado is going in. Be sure to check it out, Enjoy!!