Coachella Fashion

coachella-fashionHe is a live music that a lot of coachella fashion. Even fashion headliners like Madonna and Bjork are gouged out, which carries the audience in general. Sun, Coachella, if you go nationwide this year in the spring and summer rock festival, or Look here, with a hint of the popular music of some of the coolest fashion school.

Please comfort. More hot music is just the weather. Since the temperature of 120 degrees in the desert, you can prepare first. Sport is a stylish hat is not practical. Our coachella fashion expert at the University of the edge of the shade, we recommend something like Fedora and crumpled Vintejikauboihatto. The rest of the band that the fabric of our clothes, add your own touch matches. A further need for a large sunglasses day. Classic Ray - Carl Lagerfeld ban and a big pair are quite Coachella.

Please get ready for the night life during the day. Live music, night, together on the extension of the party. Dress of the night from the day you move so easily. For example, a silk scarf for your protection, you can head to one of the party salon in the afternoon sun double bagged.

Part of the dress. coachella fashion, but each of businessmen, doctors, mom, time to go, they are at the festival, her hair down and can they be ill, and someone else over the weekend. Who are you? You hippy-chick, skinny jeans and crochet some Kattoofudenimupantsu and if you try to race to the top. Get the Top Tie Dye Dress, whenever you or wear. Type in your locker, the Grange, are overlapping T, the flower closed shirt, a pair and Dokutamachin. Another popular musical personality is a VIP: Are you a party so I hope that you look overdressed. For you, our fashion design professionals, who joined one shoulder dress or as a string to the mini-holder.

Get prints, and bold. thousands of festival visitors to the kingdom, you big, I stand in bold at the output. Large dogtooth the plaid, graphic signs and even psychedelic flowers, Union Jack, you can use the ultimate Kocherasutairu. The bloggers will love fashion.

Step right in front of the shoes. Where is the flip-flop in Coachella, you can to do more in the style department. More rather than continue as a goddess of cool and fashion sense. Flat as practical, but you will get on your feet all day at her funky embroidery and pearls. The cowboy boots to leave at home. You are in it to see roasting your feet to hip heat.