sk 李貞賢 이정현 - Lee Jung Hyun 007th

1.007th (Intro)
2.수상한 남자 反常的男人

3.이니미니마니모 IniMiniManiMo
4.Vogue Girl (It Girl)
5.왜 이래 怎麼這樣
9.넌 내꺼 你是我滴
11.Miro I
12.Miro II

韓國跳舞天后李貞賢闊別樂壇3年半的回歸之作,7集《007th》變身成性感可愛的形象登場。主打歌「Suspicious Man」為節拍輕快刺激的的電音樂曲,講述被所愛的男人背叛後決心復仇的故事。另收入輕柔情歌「緣」、歌名取自李貞賢的英文名「AVA」的輕快電音樂曲「AVAtar」、以及旋律可愛的「Why」等共11首新曲。

Lee Jung Hyun comes back with a Suspicious Man on Music Bank
by shockimpulse on May 14, 2010

After a month long delay, singer Lee Jung Hyun finally made her comeback with her 7th album. Now she returns to her 2nd day of live promotions with her title track Suspicious Man on Music Bank!

Lee Jung Hyun’s latest comeback has been a long time coming since last year’s hit Vogue It Girl. Now she’s back with a more provocative concept as she dishes out an addictive beat with a sexy dirty vibe. With colored hair, raunchy fashion and skinship to boot, this could possibly her more strangest concept yet.

Watch below as Lee Jung Hyun performs and sways her body to the beat as she returns with a suspicious man on stage.

Lee Jung Hyun releases Suspicious Man MV
by Casper on May 11, 2010

Having released her concept photo and teaser last week, Lee Jung Hyun goes one step closer towards making her comeback with the release of her new MV, Suspicious Man.

Many of you were impressed with the cinematography of the teaser and it looks she has delivered another top quality song.

She will begin her promotions through M! Countdown on the 13th.