sk Wonder Girls 最新新曲+混音 EP 已經在iTunes 展開預購!!

Wonder Girls reveal new single cover & track title, 2 Different Tears!
by lawlietta on May 4, 2010

As much as we love Nobody, it seems like everyone is highly anticipating the Wonder Girls‘ big comeback with a brand new track and set of promotions. We’re still waiting for the new album, but the pop quintet’s got a new English single for us all titled 2 Different Tears!

Furthermore, the tracklist has been revealed, and it looks like 2 Different Tears will be the only new track on the album. Although this may be disappointing for some fans that were expecting more new songs on this album, keep in mind that this is just an EP, as the girls’ full-length English album will be released this summer.

And anyway, you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive that the girls are releasing five versions of 2 Different Tears in three different languages on one EP. After all, we’re talking about a group that’s taken multiple countries around the world by storm with just one song, so can we expect any less? Talk about being ambitious!

01. 2 Different Tears
02. So Hot
03. Tell Me
04. Nobody
05. 2 Different Tears Remix
06. Nobody Rainstone Remix
07. Nobody Jason Nevins Remix
08. 2 Different Tears (Korean)
09. 2 Different Tears (Chinese)
10. 2 Different Tears (Karaoke)
11. 2 Different Tears (Instrumental)

Although we only have a cover to judge for now, a picture can speak a thousand words. What do you guys think of the album cover above? (And for those of you that wanted it in hi-res, click here.)

The album is already available for pre-order on iTunes for just $3.99 USD, so make sure to show your support for the girls by purchasing this EP. Stay tuned for more on 2 Different Tears, which will be released on May 15, as well as the Girls’ full album, which is set to drop worldwide this July!

Wonder Girls release EXR Korea Wonder Style II picturesby GhostWriter on May 10, 2010

Paparazzi photos of the 원더걸스 Wonder Girls for EXR

The photoshoot pictures will be revealed in May’s EXR – Wonder Style II.

Wonder Girls asked about their “first time” in Taiwanby rameninmybowl on April 23, 2010

With their fame spreading its wings not only across Korea and America, but now Taiwan as well, it’d be an understatement to say that the Wonder Girls are now internationally favored by many.

However, it looks like a certain television host expressed her love a little bit too far from ordinary.

On the 22nd, the Wonder Girls were given the honor to be featured in a Taiwanese talk show KangXi Lai Le which is famous for posing daring questions to guests. During the program, the show’s main host, Dee Hsu (Xiao S) tossed a rather exotic question to the girls, leaving them evidently dumbfounded.

And the question asked was, “When was your first experience?” which implied, “When did you first have sex?”

Instead of replying the question, the Wonder Girls asked the host in shock, “What kind of experience?”

Thankfully, the show’s secondary host Chen Han Dian abruptly changed the awkward mood by showing off his Super Junior dance skills.

Although the culture of Taiwan is known to be rather open toward sex, many netizens are very infuriated toward the host’s question, especially with minors like Sohee and Hye Lim―both born in 1992―involved. Some even believe that the Wonder Girls were sexually harassed by the host’s reckless action.

So what is your take in this bizarre ruckus?

WONDER GIRLS離台 初夜話題韓國掀波2010/4/25
韓國人氣女子團體WONDER GIRLS昨天離台,但日前在「康熙來了」節目被小S問初夜問題,餘波盪漾,已引起眾多韓國網友氣憤討論,甚至對她們的經紀公司JYP娛樂提出抗議。

WONDER GIRLS在訪台記者會上坦言,被小S初夜問題嚇到,新聞傳回韓國後,大批網友生氣寫抗議留言,紛紛表示:「團員還有人未成年,怎麼能問那樣的問題?(指昭熙跟惠琳今年17歲,未成年)」、「對外國來賓太失禮了!」韓國新聞並以台版「流星花園」女主角徐熙媛的妹妹說明小S的身分。


昨天小S跟姊姊大S在上海參加家居用品代言活動,對於遭WONDER GIRLS粉絲的抗議,她透過經紀人回應:「這只是一個節目橋段,我是一個女生,不會逼女生回答這個問題,當天也的確沒逼她們回答。」


還原錄影現況,當天WONDER GIRLS聽聞「第一次」話題後楞住,小S再解釋了一下,就改問現場Dance Flow的男團員Takeshi。

WONDER GIRLS昨天下午結束4天3夜訪台,接著飛往上海工作,機場大批歌迷送行,愛上台灣美食的5人,離台還打包了20盒鳳梨酥。前晚完成京華城的歌迷見面會,WONDER GIRLS選擇大啖鼎泰豐小籠包慶功,台灣的同門師兄潘瑋柏突然現身,大方表示由他做東埋單宴請她們,聽到WONDER GIRLS說想素顏、換上輕便服逛台灣的夜市,潘瑋柏拿出悠遊卡熱情邀她們下次一起搭捷運遊台北。