Sony Music 索尼音樂 Automatic Loveletter - Truth Or Dare

Label Sin-Drome
Labels Epic Records-Sony BMG
Release Date Jun 22, 2010

Automatic Loveletter is a rock band, with acoustic and emo influences, based in the United States of America. The band formed in Tampa, Florida, in 2007, led by vocalist and guitarist Juliet Simms, with drummer Daniel Currier, lead guitarist Joe Nelson and bassist Sean Noll.

Juliet Simms - Lead vocals, guitar, rhythm guitar, arrangements
Tommy Simms - Guitar, backing vocals, acoustic arrangements
Matthew David VanGasbeck - Lead guitar
Clint Fowler - Bass
Daniel Currier - Drums, percussion

一支來自美國佛羅里達州的搖滾樂隊。成員:Juliet Simms (女主唱兼吉他手),Joe Nelson (吉他手)Sean Noll(貝司手) Daniel Currier (鼓手)。 最開始樂隊起名叫“Stars and Scars”後改為“Automatic Loveletter”。憑藉一首《Hush》迅速躥紅的“Automatic Loveletter”。歌曲大多比較傷心、壓抑,外加Juliet沙啞豪放的嗓音,使他們一出道就備受關注。許多音樂製作人聽到Juliet的聲音後讚歎不已,並表示Automatic Loveletter極有望成為“Paramore”同級別的搖滾樂團。2007年“Automatic Loveletter”發行了首張EP"Recover"邁出了征戰歌壇第一步。2010年樂隊迎來首張大碟“Truth Or Dare”(誠實與勇敢),風格硬朗尖銳,再次要稱讚Juliet Simms撐起整個樂隊的力量,聲音與Paramore主唱同樣令人驚豔!相信他們的實力,也相信他們會和Paramore一樣出色!

Hailing from Florida, we've got another female-fronted band that rocks out loud. Juliet Simms is the leader of this pop-alternative five-piece band and her voice is somewhat a mixture of Melissa Ethridge's rock-n-roll grit and Paramore's Hayley Williams', powerful femininity but it'd be remiss if I did not say that Juliet sounds a bit like Tommy Pickles from the Nickelodeon show Rugrats. It's not a bad thing at all. Believe me, I love the album and her voice is fine, but she just reminds me of E.G. Daily. Whatevs. All things aside, Truth or Dare is an excellent cocktail of pop and rock that'll keep you swaying with the speakers this summer. I recommend it for fans of Boys Like Girls, Hey Monday or Paramore.

01 - Heart Song
02 - Don’t Let Me Down
03 - Fade Away
04 - Hush
05 - Story Of My Life
06 - Day They Saved Us
07 - To Die For
08 - Let It Ride
09 - Eyes On You
10 - My Goodbye
11 - Butterflies
12 - Back To Life