Switzerland 瑞士 Lunik - Small Lights in the Dark

Release Date: 2010/4/12
Record Label Sophie Records(CH)
, FOD Records(worldwide)

01 Everything Means Nothing 04:58
02 Falling Up 03:14
03 How Could I Tell You 04:04

04 I Can Just Be Me 03:34
05 People Hurt People 03:23
06 Diary 03:39
07 I Never Said That I Was Perfect 04:03
08 Born To Be Sad 03:53
09 I Can’t Sleep 03:35
10 He’s Quite Something 04:10
11 Set You Free 04:11

Lunik is a band from Switzerland. There are currently four members.
Current line-up

* Jaël – vocals, rhythm-guitar
* Luk Zimmermann – lead-guitar
* Chrigel Bosshard – drums
* Cédric Monnier – keyboards

2010 Album from the Swiss outfit fronted by vocalist Jael. On Small Lights In The Dark, the band is truly hitting their stride. An assured, at time bravura, vocal performance From Jael breathes flames into her trenchant and often hard-hitting lyrics. Small Lights In The Dark not only bristles with an arsenal of Pop hooks, but brims with pathos too. This is a record you feel as well as hear. The album features songs on a range of emotional themes, but they all offer that resounding empathy with the pain and hopes that each of us faces as we journey through life. ‘Some of the songs are autobiographical but others are taken from the experiences of the people around me. All my songs read like pages from a personal journal, but it’s not always my own diary that people are being allowed to peek into!’. 11 tracks.

Lunik started in 1997 with Adi Amstutz, Luk Zimmermann, Mats Marti, Walo Müller and Anton Höglhammer. Singer Jaël joined the band in 1998 and Anton Höglhammer left the line-up. 1999 saw the release of their debut album Rumour, recorded largely in an atmospheric trip hop style. Bassist Walo Müller left the band after the accompanying tour, and the second album Ahead (2001) saw the band steering towards a pop sound. Oli Müller supported the band as bassist in the live performances, and Adi Amstutz left the band.

The third album Weather (2003) was a huge success in Switzerland, with an acoustic approach from Jaël, Luk, and Mats replacing the electronica of the earlier albums. Cédric Monnier (keyboards) and Jacob Suske (bass) joined the band as supporting players on the acoustic tour for Weather. A live album, Life is On Our Side, appeared in 2004. Cédric Monnier and Jacob Suske joined the official line-up in 2005, and Mats Marti departed at the same time. In the beginning of 2006, Chrigel Bosshard joined Lunik as the new drummer. Jacob Suske (bass) left the band again in September 2008.