Women Fashion Shoes

If you are participating in a formal event, like a wedding or a prom, the tendancy is to purchase women fashion shoes that match up in color to the dress. As this is normally a one time event, it's a good idea to not spend a lot of money on formal shoes as the possibility or wearing these shoes again is very low percentage. So stay away from the expensive versions, and leave the $100 at the store, sacrifice comfort for a lower entry cost, and spend the money elsewhere in your shoe collection.
women-fashion-shoesBy elsewhere, I mean spend the money on a pair of formal, women fashion shoes that are soft and comfortable, that will wear well, and that can be applied to a number of events and outfits. This is by far the best way to spend your evening shoe dollars. When choosing shoes for these occasions, consider the accessories you will be using and remember to consider the use of shoe ornaments, which can provide a lot of options while providing a means of integrating your accessories.
women-fashion-shoesThink about the different shoe designs are available today. While many ladies go right to the the spike heel sections in the stores, consider platform with spirals which are very much in fashion today. You'll find much more comfort in a platform style shoe, and your feet will thank you after a long evening out. Pumps are also much more versatile, go with many more outfits are generally much more comfortable than spike heels.
women-fashion-shoesLook at exquisitely crafted Italian shoes, as they provide the high end look and feel which is synonymous with formal evenings or special dinner functions. You really can't go wrong with well designed Italian shoes. These people really know how to design women's shoes, they are the epitome of design, and with so many years of design and use comes great comfort and function. While were talking about comfort, think platform or pumps over spikes.