Diamond Necklaces

diamond-necklacesDiamond necklaces were once considered a privilege of royalty and the aristocracy but this is no longer the case. True, a choker of top quality diamonds is going to cost you tens of thousands of dollars but there are much simpler, and some would say more elegant, pieces available for a fraction of that amount.
diamond-necklacesAs with all things diamond, the price of a diamond necklace is determined by the size, quality and quantity of diamonds in the necklace along with the type of metal used for the chain. Full diamond necklaces, such as the choker style, often rely on a large number of diamonds to produce a dazzling effect whilst tear drop and other pendant type necklaces may only use a single specimen stone to catch the eye. Even though many pendants are designed with accentuating diamonds, they still tend to have fewer diamonds than you find on a full necklace which will often have diamonds set along the full length of the chain.
diamond-necklacesIn many cases the beauty of a diamond necklaces derives not so much from the size and quality of the diamonds used but from the balance between the metal chain, settings and gemstones. Strategic use of platinum or white gold for bezel settings can give the illusion that those diamonds which have been used are larger and brighter than they really are. Likewise, the use of numerous strings of small diamonds on a 'bib' style necklace can give the effect of a more substantive piece of jewelry than a similar necklace with larger but fewer diamonds (Lanna Lewis).