Gemstone Necklaces

gemstone-necklacesThe clutter on her desk piles up, and eventually, she can't get anything done until she clears it away. This familiar scenario serves as a metaphor for healing gemstone necklaces and the need to effectively cleanse them. If healing stones are properly cared for, their capabilities are extensive. When applied therapeutically, gemstones release unwanted energies from the patient's body and aura. In time, these unwanted energies collect on the surface of gemstones, as well as in the energy field that surrounds each of them. Much like the clutter on a desk, these unwanted energies get in the way of the gemstones' healing powers, and the stones must be cleansed.
gemstone-necklacesThere are many methods to cleanse gemstone necklaces. Running water, sunlight, moonlight, soil cleansing, smudging, salt, and clay packs and baths are among some of the common cleansing methods. In addition to these, we now have cleansing sprays made with the energetic imprint of gemstone energies specially designed to clear a variety of unwanted energies. This method may be the fastest, easiest, and most effective of all (Isabelle Morton).
gemstone-necklacesWater is effective for cleansing non-threaded mineral kingdom therapy tools, such as crystals and crystal clusters. However, there are significant drawbacks in using water to cleanse gemstone necklaces. The foremost is premature necklace breakage. This can occur if the necklace is cleansed in water as often as it should be (daily, or more often if you have a serious health condition). Also, it is best to keep in constant contact with a therapeutic gemstone necklace. If you break this contact to allow a necklace to dry, you lose connection with the necklace's resources. A network of supportive energy must be formed between the body and the necklace, and repeatedly losing contact with the necklace prevents this. In addition, water cleansing will be ineffective if the water emerging from your faucet is chlorinated, and the chlorine will eat away at the thread.

Sunlight is another popular method for gemstone necklace cleansing. However, sunlight can bleach the color from certain gemstones, and worse, it can impart harmful solar radiation. Sunlight only loosens unwanted energies from gemstones. These energies still need to be removed from the gems' energy field. If gemstones are placed in sunlight, they should always be placed behind a windowpane to avoid solar radiation, some of which is not therapeutic. Due to the constantly changing solar and cosmic radiation levels, sunbathing gemstones is no longer recommended (Isabelle Morton).