Gold Earrings

gold-earringsGold earrings are the most preferred jewelry of women. They are worn by women for beauty and status purposes. With its exquisiteness, these jewelries enhance the beauty of every woman. These jewelries are also very expensive. Hence you should take great care of gold jewelry. Your earrings can become unexciting by daily uses. Makeup, perfumes, creams, and other products can make these jewelries look dull if they get in contact with these items.
gold-earringsBefore you start cleaning your earrings, collect the important things necessary for cleaning such as mild detergent, strainer, warm water, soft toothbrush, and soft cloth. Put little drops of mild detergent into a bowl. Dish washing soaps can also be used to clean jewelry. Pour 2 cups of hot water into it. Then you should put your earrings in a small colander and set the colander into the water. Let your earring soak the solution for about ten minutes. Then take away the colander from the water. Then you should clean your earrings, with a soft toothbrush.
gold-earringsPlace it to the colander again and clean gently in water. Then you can take the earrings away from the colander and dried up with a soft cloth. You should not use paper towels since they can cause scratches on the jewelry.

Store up your gold earrings in a feint jewelry box. You must ensure that there has been enough space in the box so that your jewelries do not get scratched. If you have a jewelry box with dividers, it is just good for storing jewelries (JM Chuong).