Ruby Ring

ruby-ringIt's as brilliant as an Arizona sunset, the birthstone of July, and very scarce. It's also one of the most expensive of all the gems. History also tells us that a ruby is redolent of devotion and romance, and was the paragon of choice in ancient civilizations.
ruby-ringHowever, if you're thinking about buying a small pick and shovel, and heading to some gold communities like Nevada, California or Alaska, to look for a ruby to make a ring, don't waste your time and money. Rubies to make a beautiful and valuable ring are not found in these places. Most of the finest and most sought after rubies are located in countries you've probably never visited or plan to. Think: Cambodia, Vietnam, Madagascar - even Afghanistan.
ruby-ringA ruby is a red sapphire and a ruby ring is one of the most desired gifts because it fits perfectly as an accessory to any wardrobe for women. Marylyn Monroe missed the target when she said diamonds are a girl's best friend. Her hyperbole aside, a ruby is more unique, original, and actually more affordable. And we shouldn't ignore this elliptical fact. Men wear rings, too. So if you're searching for a perfect gift for the man in your life a ruby ring in a perfect setting will make a stylish statement for him when he slides it on his finger.

These types of rings should be researched carefully before making a purchase. Many Web sites are available that allow you to compare ring prices, gem sizes, and other options so you'll get just what you want - zero mistakes. Something else to consider when researching ruby rings is reviewing what is available for young children. Ruby rings for children are light, pretty, and make excellent gifts for Christmas and birthdays (Darren Gettis).