Lime Green Prom Dress

lime-green-prom-dressMost of us get tired of attending evening parties after a while. It is really tiresome, when you have to attend so many functions with such strict dressing standards. You cannot repeat the same outfit. Also, the evening dress that you choose must be very fashionable, and in line with the latest trends. It gets boring after a while. This is the reason why you must consider experimenting with other colours. It would add some zing back into your life, and would make evening parties much more interesting. Lime green prom dress is the perfect choice. lime green prom dress is a very beautiful and a natural colour. It never is out of style.
lime-green-prom-dressYou could opt for shades that go with your complexion and hair, to make you look extra appealing. If you have green eyes, or sea green eyes, then this attire would look absolutely enchanting on you, as they would bring out the colour in your eyes. This is why most of Scarlett O Hara costumes are in green. This is because the character from the famous novel "Gone with the Wind" had green eyes.
lime-green-prom-dressLime green prom dress looks especially elegant when you choose a colour that is bright, and yet not loud. For instance, while an emerald green evening dress would look absolutely stunning on most women, a lime green or a fluorescent green outfit would look totally out of place in most situations. You must be careful about which shade you choose. Often you will notice that a particular shade of a green may look good in one material, but may look totally different in another.
lime-green-prom-dressAnother idea is to have the front covered but the back out. Having your back out is provocative but not dangerously so. Halter prom dresses have your entire front covered. They wrap around the neck and leave your back out. Your mom may actually beam with pride when she sees you in something like this. Your father might be a little nervous, but he'll be proud too. All in all, they'll agree that you look beautiful and age appropriate. Thus, choose your dress wisely.