Duct Tape Prom Dresses

duck-tape-prom-dressesDuct tape is made from pressing together layers of waterproof polyethylene, strong cloth mess and rubber based adhesive. Duct tapes were used for the first time during World War II. They were used to fix or seal different items used by allied forces such as artillery boxes, ammunition boxes and canisters. Apart from being used extensively in domestic households and industries, duct tape is also used to make dresses or designer apparel. The fashion industry is witnessing an increasing use of duct tapes in designer clothes and accessories.
duck-tape-prom-dressesThe only problem with making duct tape prom dresses is that it takes a lot of time and patience. The sticky side of two pieces of duct tapes is joined in the middle. Two more pieces are placed on both sides of the original piece using sticky sides only. This process is continued until the required specification of duct tape fabric is made. After this, it is given a gentle wash using lather and water. The fabric is dried and a real piece of cloth is used to mark the outline of the required cut. Individual pieces are then joined together according to dress design, using duct tapes.
duck-tape-prom-dressesManufacturers of duct tape organize duct tape clothing contests at school and college prom nights. Wedding dresses, evening gowns and jackets are some of the clothing that is made from duct tapes. Wardrobes designed from duct tapes are strong and waterproof. The glossy look attracts many customers. The dresses can be purchased from designer stores and from online stores.
duck-tape-prom-dressesDemand for duct tape prom dresses has increased, as people find them very trendy and sporty. However, these are not produced commercially, as the duct tape market is still small. Duct tapes are now available in different colors and texture and can be combined to design dresses that have varied patterns and colors.