Red Wedding Dresses

red-wedding-dressesRed wedding dresses have become increasingly popular with brides who choose the color either to honor their cultural heritage or who just want to wear something other than the traditional white bridal gown. A red wedding gown can be absolutely gorgeous, but it can make it tricky to pick out bridesmaid dresses to coordinate. While any color goes with white, the same is not true of red, after all. These are some terrific ideas for red wedding dresses.
red-wedding-dressesAbout 5 years ago many of the popular US designers started introducing more color into their collections. And over the last 3 years, there usually isn't one season that doesn't have at least some color in it. Initially, many brides were aghast when even black was introduced as an accent to make for a very dramatic contrast. Slowly but surely, brides seeking ontrend gowns have come to accept this as more of the norm. Brides everywhere are breaking with that all white or ivory wedding dress, and opting for either all red wedding gowns or even a daring red and black wedding dress. And why not? Red wedding dresses are standard fare in countries like India and Japan. The Chinese even consider red to be a lucky color and wearing it means just that, fortune.
red-wedding-dressesSome women want so desperately to introduce a splash of color into their dress but are either afraid or have to deal with the traditional naysayers in their families or amongst their friends. If this is the case, then consider white and red wedding dresses. This is a compromise that may just be your answered prayer. If not, then opt for a detachable sash, this way you can put it on for the reception and that probably won't raise as many eyebrows as if it was worn during the ceremony.
red-wedding-dressesAlthough red is not the traditional wedding gown color, it is actually a fairly versatile one. Once you have an idea of how to mix and match your red gown with the rest of your wedding details, the whole design picture will quickly come together. These great ideas for bridesmaid dresses should help you get off to a terrific start.