Handsome Actor Robert Pattinson's "Cosmopolis" Weekend Workday

Having closed out his "Twilight: Breaking Dawn" filming duties, Robert Pattinson has immersed himself in another new role - as the English actor was hard at work on the set of "Cosmopolis" on Sunday morning (May 29).

The Edward Cullen hunk suited up and grabbed a seat alongside co-star Sarah Gadon while the pair delved into rehearsing a scene shot by the window of a cafe in Toronto, Canada.

With director David Cronenberg looking on, the cameras began to roll as Pattinson proceeded to chow down his breakfast before spitting the food up in laughter.

Also starring Paul Giamatti and Juliette Binoche, "Cosmopolis" tells the story of "a multimillionaire embarking on a 24-hour odyssey across Manhattan."