BREAKING NEWS: Jim Carrey's MTV Movie Awards Fashion Statement

Jim Carrey

Having won multiple golden popcorn awards through the years, Jim Carrey was back for another go round at the 2011 MTV Movie Awards in Universal City, California on Sunday evening (June 5).

The comedic actor took to the Gibson Amphitheatre in his usual cheerful demeanor while taking the stage to dish out one of this year's accolades.

As for his apparel, Carrey delivered on his promise by taking to the podium in an outlandish neon green ensemble.

Prior to ceremony kickoff, Jim told MTV, "I'm wearing a suit that I've had made. It's the latest in nanotechnology, so I'm able to project whatever I want on it. I'm going to be revealing that at the MTV [Movie] Awards. This is something I've created myself; I'm kind of Bruce Wayne in that kinda way. I have a lot of interesting and very cutting-edge technology that I work with and I want to unveil it at the Awards."
He added, "Wait until you see it. It's going to be amazing."

 Photo Credit: Getty Images