Celeb FASHION >> Cate Blanchett's "Amazing Feats Of Loneliness"

She’s always been an avid supporter of the arts, and earlier today (June 22) Cate Blanchett was spotted at the Sydney Theatre Company’s “Edward Gant’s Amazing Feats of Loneliness.”

The “Curious Case of Benjamin Button” babe looked to be in good spirits as she posed with Luke Sales and Anna Plunkett at the Wharf in Sydney, Australia.

Looking back over her career, Cate appeared in a 17-year-old television commercial for the Australian chocolate treats Tim Tams.

Blanchett insists she took the gig “to raise money for a trip to India.” She also notes, “I’ve never even seen the ad. I am dumbfounded at how many people remember that. It really underlines the power of advertising.”