Celeb NEWS >> America's Got Talent Review: My Heart Will Go Yawn

America's Got Talent remained Atlanta for night two of auditions yesterday, as the features of the best and some of the oddest of performers. Let's go over the children, bands and cavalcade of dance crews that hit the stage...

The Real Talent

Hershae Chocolatae - With the robe and wig Hershae was donning, I was afraid the performance would be really stupid. Luckily, the outfit was stripped off and I quickly turned happy watching the tinsel glimmering. The Macy Gray imitation came out of nowhere. I also didn't expect the dance moves. I would love to see her over the top persona on RuPaul's Drag Race performing a lip sync for your life.

Attack Dance Crew Audition

The Fiddleheads - The bluegrass group was good, giving a bit of minor cross promotion for The Voice. I hope that the group could pick a better song to bluegrass-ify during the Las Vegas rounds or even the live shows.

DJ Face - The six-year-old DJ was good, but I'm not sure if it was a talent that I'd want to watch for more than 15 minutes. There's nothing dynamic about seeing a guy in front of a two turntables and a laptop. He needs flash to get votes. There are too many good kid acts that I can't place DJ Face in the upper tier.

Anna Graceman - The eleven-year-old from Alaska was a bit timid in her interview, but boy did she have a voice. She had a bit of huskiness that I didn't expect someone that young would have. My biggest problem was twofold: she still doesn't play piano and sing at the same time so well and "If I Ain't Got You" feels like one of the most over performed songs on shows like this or American Idol.

The Copycat Talent

Necessary Diva - We saw only a few seconds of the "Bodybuilder meets Opera" act and I don't know what to expect. She flexes and sings. She needs to lift weights while singing the next time we see her.

Summerwind Skippers - If I never saw America's Best Dance Crew, I would have thought this group was original and talented. After watching Soltare being forced to adjust their jump roping with more dancing and tricks makes me think that Summerwind isn't at that level. Summerwind Skippers had the advantage that they could be really pop without any criticism, but I know that one slip of the jump rope or a missed jump and the whole routine would fall apart.

Attack Dance Crew (above) - They wanted to introduce "drilling" but there was something contradictory about them picking Justin Bieber to dance to; their original music must not have been cleared. I'm not sure which section was supposed to be "drilling" because a lot of the routine looked like a bit of a march with pop and Caribbean undertones. I could see the whole routine with a bit of black light and neon colors, but this looked like one and two choreography.

Captain & Maybelle - While the setup took a bit long, Captain was swallowing hangers and blades. The big twist that got to me was him lifting the cinderblocks with his throat. Don't get me wrong, I liked the act, but I think he needed to be in a squad of sideshow acts. The captain by himself wasn't dynamic enough, but if the captain could integrate Maybelle and possibly his children in the act, it would be a bit more original.

The Untalented

Mr. Shake it Up! – It was like the Chris Farley SNL Chippendale skit to me, except he wasn’t fat enough.

Armand and Angelina – The rock opera concept wasn't horrible, but the execution was awful. I didn't understand the outfits and the fact that they reenacted the Titanic pose was just laughable. I don't get why Sharon, who originally X-ed the group, decided to say yes. You know that they will immediately be rejected in Vegas.

Joseph Ravens - Nick described the outfit as a "pancreas" and it was possibly the weirdest act I've ever seen. I think it was supposed to be a mouth that vomited up pillows. Why was there a stationary unicycle? There were so many unanswered questions to the performer.