Gossip: Hilary Duff - All Business in Beverly Hills

Tending to her many business doings, Hilary Duff was spotted making her way into a local office building in Beverly Hills, CA on Thursday (June 2).

Clad in a colorful jacket overtop a white blouse and jean short-shorts, the "Beauty & the Briefcase" babe hopped out of her ride at the valet checkpoint before heading inside for the morning meeting.

Meanwhile, Miss Duff recently looked back upon her "Lizzie McGuire" days, telling that she realized the importance of being a proper role model.

Hilary told, 'Where I came from, I had a big responsibility, I felt, towards young girls to kind of set a good example. It was never a burden, though."

She added, "I took it seriously and I liked my place and tried to respect it and live my life at the same time as freely as I could. I don't think I'm perfect and I'm sure I made mistakes along the way but I do think I did a good job setting good examples."