GOSSIP NEWS >> "Weird" Al Yankovic's "Perform This Way" Video: Watch Now!

Treating fans to another fun-filled spoof offering, "Weird" Al Yankovic has released the music-awaited video for his song "Perform This Way".

Based on "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga, the new Yankovic piece found release after first causing a stir when "Weird" Al claimed that Gaga opposed the production of the song - only later to say that he and Gaga had a miscommunication.

During the new video, "Weird" Al makes fun of the 25-year-old singer's odd wardrobe choices while also touching on the Madonna comparisons throughout.

The "Perform This Way" video debut comes as "Weird" al readies for tomorrow's (June 21) release of his new album titled "Alpocalypse".