MUSIC NEWS >> Britney Spears Zeores In On Shutterbugs in "I Wanna Go"

It's been awhile since we've last seen her take a jab at the ever-present paparazzi, but in Britney Spears' new teaser for her "I Wanna Go" music video, the gloves come off!

In the 30-second sneak-peek of the Chris Marrs Piliero-directed spot, the princess of pop stands atop a New York City taxi while shutterbugs surround her from all sides.

Brit, sporting a cut-off T-shirt with the image of a skull Mickey Mouse ears from her single’s cover art, uses her microphone as a weapon - knocking out the impending paps with ease.

Spears has been inciting all sorts of excitement for Wednesday's (June 22) "I Wanna Go" release, taking to her Twitter page to tease fans with pictures from set while writing, “I-I-I wanna go-o-o all the way-ay-ay… but not quite yet… here’s a peek at what’s coming Wednesday tweeps.”

 Photo Credit: Getty Images