Simple Wedding Dress

Simple Weddings and Your Simple Wedding Dress

simple-wedding-dressThere are many different designs for even the most simple wedding dress. And with simple weddings, it is really a theme setter. A few simple wedding dress ideas:

There is always the classic white or ivory dress, which has the least amount of embellishments. These are gorgeous either with or without a veil.

This is really the next step up, still traditional, just a bit more embellished.

Splash of Color Simple Design
For those who are looking to be a little less traditional and a little bit creative a splash of color can liven up a dress by making it a little more fun and casual. It is always recommended that you do some homework before going dress shopping. If you do not come prepared you will be easily overwhelmed. It is staggering how many different choices there are out there for a white dress!

It is also important that you do not rush your decision. When planning simple weddings, planning is essential. Planning helps you save money and sanity, and it can help you save time. When ordering your dress at the salon or boutique it can take a while for them to get your order in, and return polices sometimes have a fee associated with them or they will not allow you to return the dress at all. So it will save you time in getting the dress in and discovering that is not what you want, and the money of trying to return it to find that there is an associated fee or a no return policy in place.

Some tips on coming prepared:

1# Look online and in magazines before hand and get an idea of a style that is suited to your body type and personality.

2# Dress up on dress shopping day. It will help you envision the big picture.

3# And speaking of big picture. Bring a digital camera and take plenty of pictures. There will be a lot of pictures taken on your wedding day, you will want to make sure that your dress photographs well and that you like how you look in it.

4# Also know who to bring. If your lovable best friend does not like your sense of style then they might not be the best to bring her along to help you pick your wedding dress.

The most important tip is to have fun with it, give yourself enough time so that you can enjoy the experience. Simple weddings are all about being able to enjoy the experience (J T).