White Wedding Dresses

The Great Tradition of White Wedding Dresses

white-wedding-dressHave you ever had a daydream about the day you get married? Is that picture about you are wearing a white wedding dress that billows around? For most brides, the traditional wedding dress is still the white bridal gown, which seems to be the only option for them. Here the questions come: why the original wedding dresses were white and what is the history of wedding dresses?

One reason why the tradition of white wedding dresses has been so strongly ingrained in the society today is that, after photography came into being, photographers gradually realized that the perfect marriage dress that was always eye catching in camera was the images of white. And even before the photographs ears, people also made wedding dresses into white according their understanding to marriage. It can be easily explained that white symbolizes virtue and purity. A white bridal dress carries a strong symbolism that the bride is coming into a marriage with pure mind and heart for making a commitment to her groom.

There is also another saying about the tradition of wearing white dresses. It can be dated back to the 1800' s in England. The British Monarchy then was married in white in order to showing off their wealth and position. White at that times was the symbol of richness and many others classes also tried to emulated that. In that age, when wearing a marriage gown in a spotless white fabric, the bride would be considered to come from noble family, partly because white wedding wear were so extravagant and she would never wear again.

It is interesting that today there are still some countries that have never adopted wearing the white wedding dresses. Instead, the more colorful and brilliant colors of a wedding gown stands for more excitement and happiness of the couples (L J).