sk 에프엑스 f(x) - 스릴 러브 Thrill Love

헝그리 로미오, 럭셔리 줄리엣(Hungry Romeo, Luxury Juliet) OST

 該組合由 Victoria(中國)、Amber(美籍華人)、Sulli(童星演員)、krystal(少女時代Jessica的親妹妹)、Luna組成。 S.M.Entertainment對名字的含義說明:「像根據x的值不同,f(x)的值也不同一樣,f(x)基於每一名成員的多樣的才能和魅力不僅在韓國,在亞洲能夠展現精彩的舞台。」接著補充說明:「f是flower的略字,x是女性染色體符號xx。希望f(x)組合成長為代表亞洲的超人氣偶像組合。」表現出成員們的青春與美麗,而x則像征著女性染色體XX,因此f(x)這一組合名稱也像征著SM公司要將她們打造為亞洲頂尖的女子組合的決心。

f(x) has a blast in Thailand
by Hogwood on March 24, 2010

New pictures have been released of girl group f(x)’s recent trip to Thailand.

After performing at the 2010 Pattaya Music Festival, the girls had a chance to see some amazing things that the country had to offer. They went on elephant rides and drank from coconuts. The group was incredibly pleased with their experience, commenting on how friendly and welcoming the people were. Their enjoyment can be clearly seen on their smiling faces.

Also, is it just me or does Victoria look A LOT like SNSD’s Taeyeon in that balcony picture? Am I nuts? What do you guys think?