Canada 加拿大 Erin Lang - You Are Found

Record Label 99xoutof10 Records and Tapes
Genre:Alternative / Ambient / Electronica
Release Date: 2010/5/11

01. Daisy
02. Happy To See You

03. You’re Better Off
04. A Thousand Years
05. Empty
06. You’re Coming Home
07. Now
08. Lightning
09. Until Then
10. Dragons

Erin Lang (born May 11, 1979) is a Canadian musician active mainly in Canada and England. Born in Montreal, her father is Steve Lang, bassist with 1970s Canadian rock band April Wine. Her mother, Dale Lang, was a puppeteer and make up artist. She grew up in the Toronto suburb of Mississauga and passed up university scholarships to pursue a career in music. Her younger brother, Robin Lang, is a film maker.

In the summer of 2000, she met the English musician Roger O’Donnell, then keyboard player with The Cure, who encouraged her to concentrate on her solo career. The two have worked together since. In 2005, Lang and O’Donnell formed their own independent record label 99 Times out of 10 with the intention of helping unsigned bands. They are currently working on her debut Album with Mario Thaler at his Uphon studio in Weilheim south of Munich, Germany.