Lady Gaga tested for lupus! 女神卡卡做過紅斑狼瘡症測試

Lady Gaga不論是台上台下亦有怪異的一面,自爆穿起舊衣服來睹物思人。她稱親生阿姨在1976年由患紅斑狼瘡症病逝,自此便無時無刻都會想起她的死,更將阿姨的死忌紋上身。為了悼念她,Gaga更將她一條有40年歷史的粉紅色碎花短褲留在身邊,更不時著上身,希望阿姨在天之靈可以保護她。Gaga更曾做過紅斑狼瘡症測試,幸好證實呈陰性反應,不過她卻要吃藥來減壓及抗抑鬱。她說控制不到自己的想法,更感到被折磨,但她很喜歡這感覺,認為這是音樂靈感的泉源。


“It appears that Lady Gaga has been suffering a few health problems recently, such as breathing difficulties, stress, headaches and even blurred vision. The 24-year old singer has even collapsed before or during performances, due to exhaustion and dehydration.

During a recent interview, Lady Gaga claimed that the cause for all her medical problems was fatigue, and the fact that her tight schedules hardly allow her time to eat, according to a recent report that was written by saurabhash.

The pop phenomenon also denied being on the so-called “baby food” diet to stay thin. However, she did give hints that Lupus could well be the cause of her problems, and said that she had been tested for it. She didn’t say anything about the results, as to not worry fans.

Lupus is a disease that makes the immune system attack healthy cells and tissues by mistake, which then causes damage to the skin, joints, blood vessels and organs. Although Lupus is incurable, the disease can be controlled by medicines and a healthy lifestyle.” – In Entertainment