sk 포미닛 (4minute) unleashes Japanese version of Muzik! 發行日本版單曲!!

4Minute - Muzik (Japan Version)

Release Date: 2010/5/5
Debut single release from 4Minute including a Japanese version of "Muzik." Limited edition A includes a bonus DVD with documentary in Japan and a trading card randomly selected from five kinds (subject to change).


Less than a year into their career, Korean girl group 4Minute is already storming Japan with their first Japanese single. Formed by leader Ji Hyun, Ga Yoon, Ji Yoon, So Hyun, and former Wonder Girls member Hyun A, 4Minute debuted in Korea in June 2009 and rose quickly to popularity with their edgy looks and catchy dance hits. The red-hot girl group just held a showcase in Japan in March, and now they're dropping the Japanese version of their hit song Muzik as their first Japan single. Composed by Lee Sang Ho, Muzik is a euroclub street sound dance track that makes use of analog, side-chain, and tape sound. The single includes both the new Japanese version and the original Korean version of Muzik, as well as 4Minute's Korean debut single Hot Issue.

포미닛 (4minute) creates love for Personal Taste 개인의 취향 OST
个人趣向 (MBC 水木连续剧)
by GhostWriter on April 13, 2010

4minute creates love for Personal Taste OST

4minute was in attendance at a press conference for the drama Personal Taste. The girls have a medium tempo ballad track on the Personal Taste OST (soundtrack) titled Creating Love.

During the press conference, the lovely girls sang Creating Love for the first time but you only got to hear bits and pieces of the song. Now the track has finally been released and you can hear the full song.

This ballad is a bit different from the uptempo tracks like Muzik, but this song fits the drama very well. The girls show off their lovely vocals which was a bit hidden with the computerized effects of their previous hit singles. Hopefully, they’ll do some more ballads in their next album. Thanks to jenpoo for the tip and check out the track below.

4minute sings for Personal Taste’s soundtrack
by maestro-J on March 25, 2010

OST (MBC水木mini series) 『個人の趣向』


0101 話にならない 3:12
0102 雨水が降って 3:41
0103 胸がじーん 3:36
0104 君という翼 3:51
0105 愛情作り 3:34
0106 馬鹿みたいに 3:10
0107 スズメバチの飛行 1:19
0108 不思議な気持ち 1:42
0109 スズメバチの飛行 Piano Ver. 1:21
0110 馬鹿みたいに Inst. 3:10
0111 愛情作り Inst. Guitar Ver. 3:34
0112 君という翼 Inst. 3:51
0113 胸がじーん Inst. 3:36
0114 雨水が降って Inst. Violin Ver. 3:41
0115 話にならない Inst. Piano Ver. 3:12