sk 김윤아 Kim Yoon Ah - 315360 (紫雨林 Jaurim’s 金潤兒)

Release Date:2010/04/26

Jaurim's resident alternative rock goddess Kim Yoon Ah is releasing her first solo album in six years. She wrote, composed, and produced all 12 tracks on 315360, using music to reflect on marriage, motherhood, and more. The album serves as a very personal and honest expression of her emotions and experiences, with wispy jazz number "Tokyo Blues" musing about loneliness abroad and going home discovering the importance of family. She also presents a trilogy - summer garden, cat song, and Etoile - about mother and child.

01. 이상한 세상의 릴리스
02. 비밀의 정원
03. 가만히 두세요.
04. going home
05. 도쿄 블루스
06. summer garden
07. 에뜨왈르
08. cat song
09. 얼음 공주
10. 착한 소녀
11. 검은 강
12. 이상한 이야기

1.Shadow of Your Smile, November 2001
2.Glass Mask, March 2004
3.315360, April 2010

자우림, 紫雨林Jaurim’s 金潤兒Kim Yoon Ah returns with her 3rd solo album and MVby jeshicaa on April 26, 2010

Here is the sentimental music video for Kim Yoon Ah’s Going Home.

On April 26th, Jaurim’s Kim Yoon Ah released her 3rd solo album, 315360. It’s been six years since her last album was released!

Soundholic, a representative from her company, said, “This album attempts to show the honest side of Kim Yoon Ah through her music.”

The album consists of 12 tracks that Kim Yoon Ah herself composed, wrote and even produced. Her title song, Going Home, was written when her family was struggling because her brother was a victim of a 詐欺fraudulent case. She realized the importance of her family and wrote this song to reflect her feelings.

Unlike her other solo albums, this third album includes tracks that highlight the womanly side of Kim Yoon Ah, with songs about marriage, birth and more. Tracks like Summer Garden, Cat Song and more were written from a mother’s point of view.