sk 포커즈 F.CUZ to release special Asia mini-album today 亞洲豪華影音盤CD+DVD

Korean idols F.CUZ will release an album in Asia titled “F.CUZ NO ONE Asia Special mini-album” today, according to their agency Can&J’s Entertainment on Friday.

The special mini-album will feature several songs including the Chinese version of their single “JIGGY” with which they debuted in Korea in January.

The group, who launched their singing careers in Taiwan and Hong Kong in March under major Taiwanese record company Seed Music, will also be visiting several countries in Asia to promote their new album.

They will fly into Macao for three days starting May 28, then to Thailand from June 3 to 7 and head to Japan and Singapore in July.

"We are so happy and would like to thank our Asia fans for showing interest in us even though we haven't even met them yet officially," F.CUZ was quoted as saying.

F.CUZ, composed of Kan, Yejun, Jinon and LeeU, made their debut in early January.

They are currently starring on MTV's sport variety program "Idol United" and are scheduled to perform at the "2010 I Love Korea DREAM CONCERT" on May 22.

F.Cuz - No One
Release Date: 2010/3/11

01 Go
02 No One
03 너 때문에
04 Boy Meet Girl
05 Jiggy
06 No One (inst.)


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★JIGGY韓文版及中文版完整MV、NO ONE中字版MV
★F.CUZ首度來台 貼身花絮

F.CUZ為了亞洲歌迷展現最大誠意學習中文,與師姊郭書瑤甜蜜合唱『JIGGY』中文版。全亞洲發行的F.CUZ「NO ONE」亞洲豪華影音盤CD+DVD,除了收錄JIGGY中文版和演奏版外,並附贈40頁全彩豪華寫真歌詞本。

出道曲"JIGGY"的意思就是"拼命的跳著舞","Getting Jiggy"的主題取自於團員們在跳舞的時候,可以忘記所有的痛苦和憂慮。歌詞中雖然包含著悲傷的情感但卻搭配著電子音樂節拍舞蹈,就是希望大家跳舞的時候,都可以忘記所有的痛苦和憂慮。第二主打歌”NO ONE"則和出道曲”JIGGY”有180度的轉變。"NO ONE"是由非常知名的作曲家Kang Ji Won姜志源(音譯)製作的歌曲,主要講述男子分手後的痛苦和沒有人在身邊的內心感受的電子舞曲,副歌不斷重複著"No One No One",是繼"JIGGY"後再一首中毒歌曲。

以誰都無法媲美的強烈魅力「F.CUZ」,首波單曲JIGGY跳出樂壇第一響聲後,2010年3月在韓國馬上推出First Mini Album 『NO ONE』,同時也告知F.CUZ要成為全亞洲閃亮耀眼的新焦點。