UMG Neuheiten sk 포미닛 4minute teases with new concept photos 女子組合4minute夾克照片公開 素賢短髮引人注目

by heartfacee on May 13, 2010



4minute teased us with their sexy individual concept photos yesterday and now they’re back with a new group photo. It’s not an album cover or anything but it’s giving us a glimpse of their newest album concept and costumes.

It looks like they’re going for a tough look with lots of leather. Their charisma shines through in just one picture so I’m excited to see what’s next.

One thing that has been catching everyone’s eye is maknae Sohyun’s new haircut. She went with a very short cut by snipping 30cm of her hair for this album and it’s suiting her pretty well. It’s nice to see her and others take some risks. Supposedly, Sohyun suggested herself that she wanted a short haircut.

4minute will make a comeback in the third week of May.

That’s coming up…pretty soon.