sk 안녕하세요 (Soya N Sun) - 웃으며 안녕 笑著說再見

Soya N Sun laughs while saying goodbye on Music Bank!
by shockimpulse on May 14, 2010

Newly formed hybrid duo Soya N Sun returns to yet another weekend of live promotions with their addictive title track Laugh While Saying Goodbye on stage at Music Bank!

Even though it’s only been a short while since their debut, Soya N Sun have been creating quite the buzz. Initially, the duo made headlines due to Soya being singer Kim Jong Kook’s adorable niece. But in a short time she and her partner have proven that they can hold their own with strong amazing vocals and smooth rapping skills.

Watch below to see Soya show that she’s more than just a pretty face as her powerful vocals blend with Sun’s rapping and flow into a beautiful melody.

蘇志燮出演新銳嘻哈組合Soya n Sun的MV
蘇志燮時隔十餘年再次出演了MV,他此次出演的MV是即將出道的嘻哈組合Soya n Sun的《笑著說再見》。

據悉,MV的拍攝在位于京畿道的野外進行,在零下二十度的嚴寒與大雪之中他與演對手戲的演員順利完成了拍攝。Soya n Sun是由女聲主唱(金鍾國的漂亮姪女金素雅)與男聲說唱組成的二重唱組合,此次MV的預告片將于21日通過網上Gom TV公開。

另外,最近蘇志燮確定成為MBC TV電視劇《Load No.1》的主人公,電視劇以韓國戰爭為背景,講述哀痛的愛情與友情故事,將于6月開播。
Soya n Sun (소야앤썬) - 웃으며 안녕 (Good Smile) [So Ji Sub & Park Han Byul]