sk 바이브 (Vibe) - Vibe In Praha

Release Date: 2010/5/13

01. Letter from Praha (류재현 작곡)
02. 다시 와주라 再次回来吧

03. 사연 part 1 (feat. DJ Toad Park)
04. 별이 빛나는 밤에
05. 좋은 오빠 동생으로만
06. 옛사랑
07. 동거 (feat. 하림)
08. 결혼했다고
09. 돌아갔다
10. I miss you so much (feat. 4MEN)
11. 너였으면 (feat. 美 of Dagsoul)
12. 미친거니 要疯了吧
13. 사연 part 2
14. 소주 한잔 하자 친구야
15. 숭례문 (feat. 테너 하석배, 소프라노 최혼여, 우리소리 박성렬, 박성렬 아
16. Pray for glory
17. My Star (feat. All Christian)

李智雅이지아Lee Ji Ah appears in Vibe’s Come Back MV
by sweetrevenge on May 13, 2010

Actress Lee Ji Ah recently showed off her acting skills in singer Vibe’s new MV by intensely crying over her loved one.

On the 13th, Vibe’s 4th album titled Vibe in Praha was released both online and offline. In the MV for Vibe’s official title track song Come Back, Lee Ji Ah plays the role of the main female lead. The way she passionately expressed her emotions caught the attention of many netizens.

An individual affiliated with the MV filming group praised the actress, saying, “Lee Ji Ah has great concentration and acting skills. Despite the short filming time that was given, she successfully pulled off a bright and lovely image while showing the expressions of a woman’s feelings.”

Fans of Vibe said that it was worth waiting 4 years for the singer, as both the singer and the Actress Lee Ji Ah have great talents in singing and acting respectively.