sk 럼블 피쉬 Rumble Fish - I Am Me(EP)

Release Date: 2010/5/13

02. TOXIC(중독)
03. 1초 2초 1秒2秒

04. 어쩌지 怎么办

05. 결국 우린 结果 我们
06. 내 남자야 是我的男人
07. 어쩌지 INST

Rock band Rumble Fish goes… solo?
by kimchisteve on May 6, 2010
Rumble Fish Choi Jin Yi is a Bookworm

Modern rock band, Rumble Fish, most notable for their song Rain and You, has officially turned into a one-man –or rather, one-woman– band.

The three members, Park Chun Hwee (drums), Shim Ho Geun (bass) and Lee Won Sang (guitar) quit the band, which means that the group would disband. However, it is planned that the lead singer, 崔真伊최진이Choi Jin Yi, will continue as a solo singer.

Their entertainment company stated, “Due to differences in musical taste with the members, Choi Jin Yi will continue on as a solo singer and will be pursuing mainstream music. Her stage name will stay as Rumble Fish.”

Even though the band was popular, the members obviously quit due to lack of recognition. We hope that Choi Jin Yi will succeed with her new solo career, and carry on the group’s name.