UMG Neuheiten 香黛兒 蕾哈娜 同鄉 16歲新星 Vita Chambers - Get Go

Label Universal Motown
Release Date Jun 08, 2010

Check out SRP/Universal Motown’s 16-year-old new artist Vita Chambers. Chambers is a Barbadian native discovered by the same duo who signed Rihanna, Shontelle and others. Above you can check out the video to her second single "Like Boom" which is available on her EP "The Get Go" out now! You can also follow Vita Chambers on Twitter: HERE

Vita Chambers (October 4, 1995), is a singer from 西印度群島巴貝多Barbados signed to SRP Records/Universal Motown Records

After Rihanna and Shontelle, Barbados is offering up another 潛力potential pop starlet: 16-year-old Vita Chambers.  Vita recently released her second single ‘Like Boom‘, which has the pop 感性sensibility of her peers with a rocky edge thrown in.

Check out the colourful and energetic video directed by Sarah Chatfield (Lily Allen’s ‘Alfie’).