Celeb GOSSIP » Lindsay Lohan: No Jail!

She arrived at an LA courthouse this morning to answer for her alcohol-related probation violation, and Lindsay Lohan is still a free woman.

The “Georgia Rule” actress got lucky again and ended up not having to serve any jail time, based on a technicality.

Judge Stephanie Sautner decided that the alcohol infringement didn’t count because Lindsay’s prior judge Eldon Fox only required substance testing until February 25th.

Yesterday, Deputy District Attorney Danette Meyers, who had been a part of LiLo’s legal woes for awhile, told press she had a bad feeling about Lindsay’s house arrest arrangements from the start.

"I think that Ms. Lohan should really be trying to get rehabilitated. I think that she really needs to be at home and read, and do some type of things that go towards her rehabilitation, and it's unfortunate that she is not doing those things if she is shooting a [Beezid] commercial.

She continued, "She really needs to take some timeout and think about the things that she has done and think about the things she can do to be productive. So I'm hoping that at some point in time she is going to take a step back, sit down, rehabilitate herself, read some really important literature, and perhaps do some public service announcements about drinking and driving, and how bad that is. It's unfortunate to me that she is not doing that, I was hoping that she would once she got that big huge break from Judge Sautner."

Below are pictures of Lindsay Lohan at the courthouse (June 23).

Photo Credit: SplashNewsOnline.com, Getty Images