repost: Sony Music 索尼音樂 Australia 澳大利亚 麗莎蜜雪兒 Lisa Mitchell - Wonder 非比尋常

Label RCA
Release Date Jul 14, 2009


01. Oh What A Beautiful Morning 00:46
02. Neopolitan Dreams 03:14
03. So Jealous 03:48
04. Coin Laundry 03:12

05. Clean White Love 03:48

06. Pirouette 05:06
07. Love Letter 04:04

08. Oh Hark 04:32

09. Red Wine Lips 03:26
10. Sidekick 04:07
11. Stevie 04:54
12. Animals 03:42
13. Valium 04:01
14. Heroine 03:45
15. Time Means Nothing At All 03:47


01. Remind Me (Demo) 03:51
02. Oh Nostalgia (Demo) 03:03
03. Sun Sun Sun (Acoustic Demo) 03:32
04. Oh Hark (Acoustic Demo) 03:11

Is there life after Idol rejection? For quirky, quixotic 19-year-old Australian singer/songwriter Lisa Mitchell the answer is an emphatic yes. Three years after getting the boot from the finals of the Down Under version of the popular cringefest, Mitchell delivered one of the most remarkable pop albums of the past year, an unusual, dreamy and surprisingly mature collection of addictive hooks, sunny, unpretentious goofiness and her own left-of-center musical vision. Not many debut albums can sound this fresh, this fun, this child-like and this mature at the same time but the recently released Wonder (outside the U.S. only so far) manages to do all of that and then some. Mitchell was nominated for three Arias (Aussie Grammys) including Best Female Artist and Best Breakthrough Artist - Album. Latest single "Oh Hark!" (video after the jump) is another odds-on, oddball fave.

A sweet tart of a candied treat for the ears, the album's thirteen songs also have the distinctive personal stamp of the artist -- something rare in an era when young artists are usually "managed" into bland replications of the current hip-pop flavor of the month. Take the single (and oddball video) "Coin Laundry", a sing-songy, maddeningly addictive jolt of caffeinated and sugary fluff that also mixes in some twinkling production touches to the "guilty pleasure" quotient (see the video after the jump). You can try to resist, but it's best to just simply surrender. “Songwriting for me is usually trying to create something that will give me proof of hope," says Mitchell, "like a packed lunch for the future or something." For us, the playful, irresistible Wonder gives us that "proof" we're still wondering -- why hasn't this album been picked up for the U.S.?

◎第四屆「澳洲偶像Australian Idol」歌唱比賽第六名的民謠創作小精靈
◎請到電子搖滾兄弟團隊Evermore的Dann Hume擔綱製作,空降澳洲流行榜第八名位置
◎將先前發行EP中的作品特別收錄,第一主攻〈Coin Laundry〉登記澳洲單曲榜Top28的位置,散發如同Lenka蘭卡般的質感

充滿靈性的19歲學生歌手、略帶討喜甜美的童音,卻隱藏無比個性魅力與創作才華的Lisa Mitchell,能彈得一手好吉他和鋼琴,創作寫歌全面包辦,在這流行音樂的大熔爐中,讓我們聽到甜而不膩、相當耐人尋味的一道舒服暖流。

  出生英國,3歲移居澳洲的Lisa,12歲開始進入民謠和搖滾的音樂領域,學生時期組成翻唱團體Chrome,不斷在當地尋求任何演出機會。16歲之齡參加第四屆「澳洲偶像Australian Idol」歌唱比賽,雖然僅拿下第六名的成績,卻累積出眾多的支持粉絲群。2007年發行首張EP《Said One To The Other》,登上iTunes榜冠軍,隔年趁勝追擊的第二張EP《Welcome To The Afternoon》,表現依舊亮眼,其中單曲〈Neopolitan Dreams〉更是大受歡迎,這也讓Lisa在國際唱片公司的肯定下,順利籌備個人首張處女之航。

  飛到倫敦錄音的《Wonder》,同時將先前推出EP中的作品特別收錄,請到電子搖滾兄弟團隊Evermore的Dann Hume擔綱製作,空降澳洲流行榜第八名位置。深受好評並征服大英帝國的〈Neopolitan Dreams〉,如同一位活蹦亂跳的小精靈般開心吟唱,鐵鋼琴加上Acoustic吉他的伴隨,刷出討喜明亮的歡愉節拍;特別壓低嗓音演繹的〈So Jealous〉,瀰漫一股鄉村的味覺,襯入口琴的吹奏,撩起舒適聆聽之感應;登記澳洲單曲榜Top28的主攻〈Coin Laundry〉,利用合成器的輔佐,可愛輕盈之旋律勾引青澀愛戀的浪漫,是支能夠會心一笑的佳曲;交錯合音堆疊的〈Pirouette〉,拼湊起伏頗大的蘊釀情緒;倚著鋼琴為主架構,搭上忽近忽遠的聲頻交織〈Love Letter〉,似乎漂浮在一層無壓的靜謐空間裡頭;從〈Oh! Hark!〉到〈Animals〉等接連五曲,色調越見清澈明晰,心情也為之大開!若你喜歡同來自澳洲的Lenka蘭卡,那麼絕不能錯過Lisa,相同如夢似幻的純真聲韻,唱出屬於青春世代的熱情與活力。

2009 debut album from the 19 year old singer/songwriter who took part in Australian Idol at the tender age of 16. Writers on the album include Ed Harcourt and Crispin Hunt (Newton Faulkner) and the whole affair was produced by Dann Hume and ... Full Descriptionmixed by John Hume (both of Evermore). The single 'Neapolitan Dreams' was used in a recent 'Surf' TV commercial.

Illustrator: Lisa Mitchell.
Personnel: Lisa Mitchell (vocals).
Recording information: Studio 7, Rollover Studios, London, England; Westpoint; Idle Luxury.

Wonder is the debut album from 19-year-old singer-songwriter Lisa Mitchell. Having written with the likes of Ed Harcourt and Crispin Hunt (Newton Faulkner) this album was recorded in late 2008 in UK and Australia. Lisa has recently toured with Jason Mraz and played her own headline shows across Australia and will be performing at the world’s most prestigious music festival, the UK’s Glastonbury this year.