Sony Music 索尼音樂 Canada 加拿大 莎拉克勞克蘭 Sarah McLachlan - The Laws of Illusion

Release Date Jun 15, 2010
Labels Arista (outside Canada), Nettwerk
Additional Info With DVD; Deluxe Edition

Sarah McLachlan - "Loving You Is Easy" (from The Laws of Illusion)

Laws of Illusion, beloved Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah Mclachlan's first studio album in nearly seven years, was recorded in Montreal and Vancouver under the watchful eye and keen ear of longtime collaborator/producer Pierre Marchand, and features the song "One Dream," which Mclachlan wrote for the 2009 Vancouver Winter Olympics' Opening Ceremony.

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For her first studio album since 2003's Afterglow, Sarah McLachlan partners again with longtime producer and collaborator Pierre Marchand for a collection of new songs that are earmarked with the traditional McLachlan style: sweeping piano-based melodies set above a rich instrumental background that -- if conceivable -- sound even more luxuriant than previously. Much has happened with McLachlan personally since she last stepped foot in the studio -- the birth of her second child,the dissolution of her eleven-year marriage -- but here we are again as if nothing had changed: a new album, a revived, decidedly more massive Lilith Fair concert series this summer and that remarkable McLachlan voice telling tales of love and life.

"Sadness is painful. Growth is painful," McLachlan reflects. "It's the process of being re-born and that's where you grow and change. That's the stuff that I work toward. In my darkest days, I would tell myself, "This is good. I am growing from this and I am learning from this and I will be better because of what is happening." Lead single "Loving You Is Easy", a self-described "happy song", is a unbeat serving of spangled, Beatle-ish piano pop. "It’s been a roller coaster these last few years for sure,” she says. “A lot of emotional highs and lows. I did get a taste of finding love again, which is certainly what this song is all about. The delirious, overwhelming flush of new possibilities." Look for a deluxe version of Illusion that features a 30-minute in-studio "making of" DVD. TV appearances after the jump.