repost: 女子好樣 Sarah Blasko - As Day Follows Night

Release Date Apr 06, 2010
UK pressing of this 2009 release, the third album from the Australian singer/songwriter. As Day Follows Night was produced by Bjorn Yttling (Peter Bjorn and John). Features the single 'All I Want'.

1. Down On Love
2. All I Want
3. Bird On A Wire
4. Hold On My Heart
5. We Won't Run

6. Is My Baby Yours?

7. Sleeper Awake
8. No Turning Back
9. Lost & Defeated
10. Over & Over
11. I Never Knew
12. Night & Day

The Overture & the Underscore – (Dew Process, 11 October 2004) #35 AUS[4]
What the Sea Wants, the Sea Will Have – (Dew Process, 21 October 2006) #7 AUS[4]
As Day Follows Night – (Dew Process, 10 July 2009) #5 AUS[4]

The winner of four ARIA awards (think Australian Grammy) for her 2004 debut, Aussie singer/songwriter Sarah Blasko brings a provocative angle to her third album As Day Follows Night, a summer 2009 release Down Under which is finally seeing light of day stateside August 10. The project began as Blasko began searching for a fresh approach to her elegant, left-of-center pop songs. Leaving the summery surroundings of Sydney behind, she collaborated with Swedish indie-darling and producer Bjorn Yttling (of Peter, Bjorn and John) in a snowbound Stockholm studio. Blasko arrived nursing an emotional break-up at home, an impetus, perhaps, to embrace Yttling's incrementally eccentric musical stylings.

The result is a distinctive album that expands Blasko's usual comfort range -- guitar, piano, voice basics -- with an array of unexpected sonic flourishes, most notably some brittle, occasionally lockstep percussive backing that give the project a cool, almost icy facade. Fortunately, Blasko's warm, slightly airy vocals balance the more dramatic effects, bringing songs like the reverb-heavy, sweetly moody "Is My Baby Yours" and dramatic, spaghetti-western jangle of "All I Want" a welcome personal stamp. Where some albums might be weighted down by the production accessories, As Day Follows Night maintains a light touch -- the result, no doubt, of a confident artist who welcomes the challenge of creating something decidedly different. Recommended.

Label Dew Process Aus / Zoom
Release Date Jul 21, 2009

01. Down On Love 2:31
02. All I Want 3:53
03. Bird On A Wire 3:14
04. Hold On My Heart 4:03
05. We Won't Run 4:00
06. Is My Baby Yours 3:37
07. Sleeper Awake 6:18
08. No Turning Back 4:02
09. Lost & Defeated 3:34
10. Over & Over 3:58
11. I Never Knew 4:11
12. Night & Day 4:00

Sarah Blasko returns with the first single from her third studio album, `As Day Follows Night'. `All I Want' combines old world charm with a modern day twist, delivering a track that is both immediate and harks back to a bygone era. Recorded ... Full Descriptionin Sweden with pop producer Bjorn Ytlling of Peter, Bjorn and John, `As Day Follows Night' is the result of the many months that Blasko spent tucked up by herself in her Sydney home writing and demoing. The album was recorded and mixed in less than four weeks at Atlantis and Decibel Studios in Stockholm as snow fell on cedars whilst Australia sweltered in the summer sun.